Bradgate Park BBQ: Exploring the Outdoor Culinary Delights

Bradgate Park, a picturesque natural haven in Leicestershire, England, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. While the park does not allow traditional barbecues due to fire hazard concerns and the protection of its fragile wildlife habitats, there are still ways for visitors to enjoy a unique and delectable BBQ experience in the vicinity.

Bradgate Park’s No-Barbecue Policy

Bradgate Park has a strict no-barbecue policy in place, which applies to both disposable and traditional barbecues. This policy is in place to mitigate the risk of fire hazards and to protect the park’s delicate ecosystems. The park’s management team is committed to preserving the natural beauty and wildlife habitats, and allowing open-flame cooking would pose a significant threat.

Picnicking and Outdoor Dining at Bradgate Park

bradgate park bbq

While barbecues are not permitted, Bradgate Park remains an excellent destination for picnics and outdoor dining. Visitors are welcome to bring their own food and enjoy a leisurely meal in the park’s expansive and scenic areas. The park’s vast green spaces, surrounded by historic ruins and rolling hills, provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable picnic experience.

Bradgate Park’s BBQ Venison Packs

For those seeking a unique BBQ experience in the vicinity of Bradgate Park, the park offers a special product – BBQ Venison Packs. These packs, priced at £20.00, include a selection of locally sourced venison burgers, sausages, and steaks, providing a sustainable and flavorful alternative to traditional barbecue meats.

The BBQ Venison Packs are a great option for visitors who want to enjoy the taste of a barbecue without the need for an open flame. The packs are delivered free of charge within a 5-mile radius of the park, and a delivery service is available for a fee within a 10-mile radius.

Alternative Parks with BBQ Facilities

While Bradgate Park does not offer on-site barbecue facilities, there are other parks within a 2-hour drive from Heathrow Airport that do provide such amenities. These parks may be a suitable option for those specifically seeking a location with designated BBQ areas.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

In addition to the park’s picnicking and BBQ Venison Pack offerings, visitors can also explore the surrounding area and discover other culinary delights. The nearby villages and towns offer a variety of local eateries, pubs, and specialty food shops, providing opportunities to sample the region’s diverse cuisine.

Preserving Bradgate Park’s Ecosystem

Bradgate Park’s no-barbecue policy is a testament to the park’s commitment to environmental conservation and the protection of its fragile ecosystems. By prohibiting open-flame cooking, the park’s management team ensures that the natural habitats and wildlife are safeguarded, allowing visitors to enjoy the park’s beauty without compromising its ecological integrity.


While Bradgate Park may not offer traditional barbecue facilities, the park still provides a wealth of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a unique and memorable culinary experience. From picnicking in the park’s scenic landscapes to indulging in the park’s BBQ Venison Packs, there are plenty of ways for visitors to savor the flavors of the great outdoors while respecting the park’s environmental policies.

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