Discover the Stunning Greenbrier State Park in February: 5 Reasons to Visit

Greenbrier State Park in February offers a unique and tranquil experience for state park touring enthusiasts, particularly those with advanced knowledge and interests. The park, located in Boonsboro, Maryland, provides a serene winter escape with a variety of activities and attractions to explore.

Accessing Greenbrier State Park in February

Greenbrier State Park is open from 8 am to sunset during the month of February, allowing ample daylight hours for visitors to explore the park. The cost for out-of-state residents is $3 per person, while Maryland residents pay $3 per vehicle.

Fishing at Greenbrier State Park in February

Greenbrier State Park in February

The park’s 42-acre man-made lake is a popular spot for fishing during the winter months. Ice fishing is allowed when the ice is at least 4 inches thick, but it is not monitored or supervised, so visitors should exercise caution and check local ice conditions before venturing out.

Hiking at Greenbrier State Park in February

Hiking in February can be a peaceful experience, with the possibility of encountering winter birds and perhaps even black bears, which are present in the park. The trails, while well-marked, can be rocky and hilly, so it’s recommended to wear sturdy boots and dress in layers.

The Appalachian Trail, which passes through the eastern edge of the park, is also accessible for hiking during this time of year, offering more challenging terrain and scenic views.

Winter Camping at Greenbrier State Park

Winter camping is available at Greenbrier State Park, providing a unique and serene experience for those interested. Reservations are recommended, especially during peak seasons.

Birdwatching at Greenbrier State Park in February

For birdwatching enthusiasts, over 160 species have been reported on eBird from Greenbrier State Park, with two eBird hotspots: Greenbrier State Park overall (162+ species) and Greenbrier SP–Lambs Knoll (52+ species).

Hunting at Greenbrier State Park in February

It is important to note that hunting takes place in the park, so visitors should be aware of hunting seasons and plan their visits accordingly.

Accessibility at Greenbrier State Park

Restrooms are scattered throughout the day-use area and camping loops, and a beach wheelchair is available for those with accessibility needs.

In conclusion, Greenbrier State Park in February offers a variety of activities and experiences for state park touring enthusiasts, from fishing and hiking to birdwatching and camping. With its beautiful winter scenery and unique attractions, the park is a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful and engaging outdoor adventure.

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