Who Owns Bradgate Park?

Bradgate Park is currently owned and managed by the Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood Charity. The park has a rich history dating back to medieval times when it was part of the Manor of Groby. It was originally a hunting park and was owned by various families until it was bought by Charles Bennion in 1928.

The History of Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the medieval era. Originally, it was part of the Manor of Groby, and it served as a hunting park for the local nobility. Over the centuries, the park was owned by various families, including the Greys, the Hastings, and the Cavendishes.

In 1928, the park was purchased by Charles Bennion, a local industrialist. Bennion had a vision of preserving the park in its natural state and making it accessible to the people of Leicestershire. He presented the park to “the people of Leicester for their quiet enjoyment,” and the administration of the park was placed in the hands of the Bradgate Park Trust.

The Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood Charity

who owns bradgate park

Today, Bradgate Park is owned and managed by the Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood Charity. The charity is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the park, as well as the management of visitor activities and events.

The charity is governed by a board of trustees, who are nominated by Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council, and the National Trust. The trustees are responsible for making decisions about the management of the park and ensuring that it is maintained in a way that preserves its natural beauty and historical significance.

The Unique Features of Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park is a unique and remarkable place, with a number of features that make it a popular destination for visitors. Here are some of the key features of the park:

The Rugged Landscape

Bradgate Park is known for its rugged and dramatic landscape, which includes rocky outcrops, gnarled old oak trees, and the tranquil beauty of the banks of the River Lin. The park is located in the Charnwood Forest, which is known for its distinctive geology and natural beauty.

The River Lin

The River Lin is a protected Site of Special Scientific Interest and is rich in wildlife. The Victorians created shallow waterfalls to clear the silt from the water, which feeds Cropston Reservoir.

Old John

One of the most prominent landmarks in Bradgate Park is Old John, a tower that was built in 1784. The tower offers stunning views of the park and the surrounding countryside.

The Deer

Bradgate Park is home to a herd of red deer, which are a common sight for visitors to the park. The deer have roamed the park for centuries and are an integral part of its natural ecosystem.

Visiting Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park is open daily for visitors to enjoy its natural beauty and rich history. The park offers a range of activities and amenities, including walking trails, picnic areas, and a visitor center.

Visitors can explore the park on their own or join one of the guided tours that are offered throughout the year. The park also hosts a number of events and festivals, including the annual Bradgate Park Festival, which celebrates the park’s history and natural beauty.


Bradgate Park is a unique and remarkable place that is owned and managed by the Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood Charity. With its rugged landscape, rich history, and abundant wildlife, the park is a popular destination for visitors from across Leicestershire and beyond. Whether you’re interested in exploring the park’s natural beauty or learning about its fascinating history, Bradgate Park is a must-visit destination for any State Park Touring Enthusiast.

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