Are There Superchargers in Yosemite? Discover the Surprising 1 Truth

Yes, there are electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available in Yosemite National Park and its surrounding areas. Visitors with electric vehicles can find various charging options to power up their cars while exploring the natural wonders of Yosemite.

EV Charging Stations in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park offers several EV charging stations located in different areas of the park, catering to the needs of eco-conscious travelers.

Yosemite Valley

  • Ahwahnee Hotel: Back row of parking lot, J-1772 chargers
  • Yosemite Valley Lodge: Northeast and southwest parking lots, J-1772 chargers
  • Yosemite Village Store: Northwest corner of small shed in parking lot, J-1772 chargers

Near Hetch Hetchy Entrance

  • Evergreen Lodge: 33160 Evergreen Rd, Groveland, J-1772 and Tesla chargers

Near Big Oak Flat Entrance (Highway 120 West Entrance)

  • Rush Creek Lodge: 34001 CA-120, Groveland, J-1772, CHAdeMO and CCS/SAE chargers

Near the South Entrance

  • Tenaya Lodge: 1122 Highway 41, Fish Camp, Tesla SuperCharger and J-1772 chargers

Near the Tioga Pass Entrance (Highway 120 East Entrance)

  • Gus Hess Community Park: 129 Mattly Ave, Lee Vining, J-1772 chargers

EV Charging Stations Near Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Are There Superchargers in Yosemite National Park

While Yosemite National Park is the primary focus, it’s worth noting that the surrounding areas, including Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, also offer EV charging options for visitors.

  • Sequoia RV Ranch, Three Rivers Hideaway RV Park, and Kaweah Park Resort: NEMA-1450 outlets
  • Gateway Restaurant & Lodge: Tesla charger
  • Sequoia Resort & RV Park: NEMA 14-50 outlet

Cost, Timings, Rates, and Other Details

When it comes to using the EV charging stations in and around Yosemite National Park, there are a few important details to consider:

  • Cost: Varies by location and type of charger. Some chargers are free, while others charge a fee.
  • Timings: Most chargers are available 24/7, but some lodging-specific chargers may only be available during certain hours.
  • Rates: Some chargers offer a flat rate, while others charge by the kilowatt-hour (kWh).
  • Value: Charging an EV in Yosemite National Park allows for a minimal carbon footprint while exploring the park’s natural beauty.

By taking advantage of the available EV charging stations, visitors can enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly experience while immersing themselves in the stunning landscapes of Yosemite National Park and the surrounding areas.


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