Bradgate Park Memorial Garden: A Tranquil Sanctuary for Reflection and Remembrance

Bradgate Park Memorial Garden is a unique and serene space located within the expansive Bradgate Park in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England. This special area is part of a larger initiative to establish a Memorial Woodland, supported by local and national Freemasons, providing a reflective and restorative environment for visitors.

Exploring the Memorial Woodland

The Memorial Woodland is a year-long program aimed at creating a peaceful and contemplative space within Bradgate Park. Visitors can access the woodland via a new path leading directly into the heart of the area, making it accessible to all. The woodland is currently fenced off for habitat improvements, but once the work is completed in the autumn of 2017, the public will be able to explore the natural paths and find seating for quiet reflection and remembrance.

Honoring Loved Ones

bradgate park memorial garden

One of the unique features of the Memorial Woodland is the opportunity to purchase a bronze oak leaf, which can be inscribed with a personal message of up to 30 characters. These individually cast leaves will form a permanent part of the Memorial Wood, allowing visitors to honor and remember their loved ones in a meaningful way. Each bronze oak leaf costs £275 and takes approximately 16 weeks from order to placement within the woodland.

Enhancing the Natural Environment

The Memorial Woodland initiative not only provides a space for reflection but also aims to enhance the natural environment of the area. The woodland will be fenced with traditional parkland deer fencing, and new hedgerows will be planted to create a more diverse and thriving habitat. Additionally, the wildlife value of the area will be improved through the creation of new glades and the planting of additional trees.

Accessing Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park is a vast public park covering 850 acres (340 hectares) and is operated by the Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood Charity (Registered Charity no. 521476). The park is open all year, from 7.45 am to dusk, and attracts approximately 900,000 visitors annually. For more information or to plan your visit, you can contact the Bradgate Park Trust Estate Office at 0116 2362713.

Unique Features of Bradgate Park Memorial Garden

  1. Reflective and Restorative Space: The Memorial Woodland within Bradgate Park provides a tranquil and contemplative environment for visitors to reflect and remember.
  2. Personalized Memorials: Visitors can purchase bronze oak leaves, which can be inscribed with a personal message, to honor their loved ones.
  3. Habitat Enhancements: The Memorial Woodland initiative aims to improve the natural environment by planting new hedgerows and creating wildlife-friendly glades.
  4. Accessibility: The new path into the Memorial Woodland ensures that the space is accessible to all visitors, regardless of mobility.
  5. Expansive Park Setting: Bradgate Park itself is a vast and picturesque public space, offering a range of outdoor activities and natural beauty for visitors to explore.

Visiting Bradgate Park Memorial Garden

Bradgate Park Memorial Garden is a unique and meaningful destination within the larger Bradgate Park. Whether you’re seeking a quiet moment of reflection, a way to honor a loved one, or simply an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, this special space offers a tranquil and restorative experience. Plan your visit to Bradgate Park and discover the beauty and serenity of the Memorial Woodland.

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