Bradgate Park Orange: A Premier Equestrian Destination in Australia

Bradgate Park in Orange, NSW, Australia, is a renowned destination for equestrian enthusiasts, offering a range of facilities and hosting prestigious events throughout the year. As a state park touring enthusiast, you’ll find Bradgate Park to be a must-visit location, with its impressive indoor arena, picturesque surroundings, and a reputation for attracting some of the country’s top riders.

Bradgate Park Indoor Arena: The Heart of the Equestrian Experience

The centerpiece of Bradgate Park is its impressive Indoor Arena, which serves as the primary venue for various equestrian events and competitions. With a seating capacity of 500 people, the arena can accommodate large-scale events, making it an ideal location for prestigious competitions like the Dressage with Altitude event, which has drawn competitors from across eastern Australia.

Dressage with Altitude: A Prestigious Equestrian Event

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One of the most notable events held at Bradgate Park is the Dressage with Altitude competition. This prestigious event attracts some of the country’s top dressage riders, showcasing their skills and artistry in the discipline. The event has been hosted at Bradgate Park, providing a stunning backdrop and a world-class venue for the competitors.

Facilities and Amenities

Bradgate Park offers a range of facilities and amenities to cater to the needs of equestrian enthusiasts and event organizers. In addition to the Indoor Arena, the park boasts well-maintained grounds, ample parking, and other supporting infrastructure to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Equestrian Facilities

  • Indoor Arena with a seating capacity of 500 people
  • Outdoor riding areas and trails
  • Stabling facilities for horses

Visitor Amenities

  • Parking
  • Spectator seating
  • Concession stands (during events)

Location and Accessibility

Bradgate Park is located in Orange, NSW, Australia, at 138 Malabar Rd, Orange NSW 2800. The park’s picturesque setting in the heart of the Central West region of New South Wales provides a stunning backdrop for equestrian events and activities.

Upcoming Events and Schedules

While there are no upcoming events currently listed for Bradgate Park, the park has a reputation for hosting prestigious equestrian competitions throughout the year. It’s recommended to check the park’s website or contact the management directly for the latest information on upcoming events and schedules.

Costs and Admission

The specific costs and admission details for Bradgate Park are not readily available. However, the Dressage with Altitude event held at the park has been reported to cost $2 per week for unlimited access. It’s advisable to contact the park directly to inquire about the current pricing structure and any applicable fees for visitors and event participants.


Bradgate Park in Orange, NSW, Australia, is a premier destination for state park touring enthusiasts with a keen interest in equestrian events and activities. With its impressive Indoor Arena, hosting prestigious competitions like Dressage with Altitude, and its picturesque setting, Bradgate Park offers a unique and unforgettable experience for horse riding enthusiasts and event organizers alike.

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