Discover the Majestic Dinosaur Valley State Park in June!

Dinosaur Valley State Park in June is a must-visit destination for state park touring enthusiasts, especially those with a keen interest in geology and paleontology. The park is renowned for its well-preserved dinosaur tracks, which date back over 113 million years, and offers a variety of events and activities throughout the month to explore these ancient wonders.

Dinosaur Tracks and Events

One of the main attractions of Dinosaur Valley State Park in June is the opportunity to witness the park’s famous dinosaur tracks. These tracks, which were left behind by various species of dinosaurs, can be found along the Paluxy River and its tributaries. Visitors can participate in the “Track Talk” event, where they can gather around and learn the fascinating story behind these ancient footprints.

In addition to the Track Talk, the park also hosts the “Art in the Park” event, where visitors can unleash their creativity and capture the beauty of the park through various art forms. The “Dinosaur Hunt” event is another popular attraction, where visitors can search for dinosaurs that have escaped their enclosures and explore the park in search of these elusive creatures.

Educational Opportunities

Dinosaur Valley State Park in June

Dinosaur Valley State Park in June offers a wealth of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. The “Dino-story Time” event is designed for toddlers and preschoolers, where they can learn about the park’s dinosaur inhabitants through interactive storytelling. The “Taylor Site Hike” takes visitors to the least visited dinosaur track site, providing a unique and intimate experience with these ancient footprints.

For those interested in more advanced activities, the park offers an “Edible Plant Walk,” where visitors can learn to identify and safely consume the edible plants that grow within the park. The “Scat and Tracks Hike” is another popular event, where visitors can investigate the various animal tracks and scat left behind by the park’s diverse wildlife.

Outdoor Activities and Amenities

In addition to the educational and paleontological offerings, Dinosaur Valley State Park in June also provides a variety of outdoor activities and amenities for visitors to enjoy. The park’s hiking and mountain biking trails offer stunning views of the Paluxy River and the surrounding landscape, while the river itself provides opportunities for fishing and wading.

The park also features a well-stocked park store, picnic areas, and hot showers, ensuring that visitors have access to all the necessary amenities during their stay. The park is open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, with the office open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, allowing visitors to plan their visit according to their schedule.

Weather Considerations

Visitors to Dinosaur Valley State Park in June should be prepared for hot and humid weather conditions. The average high temperature during this time of year is around 93°F, with an average low of 72°F. It is essential to stay hydrated and protect oneself from the sun during outdoor activities, as the Texas heat can be intense.


Dinosaur Valley State Park in June is a true paleontological wonderland, offering a unique and immersive experience for state park touring enthusiasts. From the well-preserved dinosaur tracks to the educational events and outdoor activities, the park provides a wealth of opportunities for visitors to explore and appreciate the ancient history of the region. Whether you’re a seasoned paleontologist or simply curious about the world of dinosaurs, Dinosaur Valley State Park in June is a must-visit destination.

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