Greenbrier State Park With Kids: 5 Awesome Reasons to Visit

Greenbrier State Park is a popular destination for families with kids, offering a variety of recreational activities and amenities that cater to the needs of young adventurers. From the inviting 42-acre freshwater lake to the well-equipped campground and hiking trails, this state park in Maryland provides a perfect escape for families seeking outdoor fun and exploration.

Explore the Refreshing Waters of Greenbrier State Park

The centerpiece of Greenbrier State Park is its 42-acre man-made freshwater lake, which is open for swimming from the first weekend of May through the last weekend of September. Lifeguards are on duty during the peak summer months, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for swimmers of all ages. The shallow, roped-off swimming area, with a maximum depth of chest-deep, is particularly appealing for families with young children, providing a secure and fun environment for them to splash and play.

Paddle and Row Your Way to Adventure

Greenbrier State Park With Kids

In addition to swimming, Greenbrier State Park offers a variety of water-based activities for families. Visitors can rent paddle boats and row boats by the hour, allowing them to explore the tranquil waters of the lake at their own pace. These rentals provide a unique opportunity for families to bond and create lasting memories while enjoying the scenic surroundings.

Discover the Wonders of Nature

Beyond the lake, Greenbrier State Park boasts a network of hiking trails that wind through the lush, wooded landscape. These trails offer families the chance to connect with nature and explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region. The park’s nature center, geared towards preschoolers, provides interactive exhibits and educational programs that help children learn about the local ecosystem.

Campground and Picnicking Facilities

For families seeking a more immersive outdoor experience, Greenbrier State Park offers a well-equipped campground. Campers can enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the park while having access to essential amenities, such as bathrooms and showers. The park’s picnic area, complete with shaded tables and grills, is an ideal spot for families to enjoy a leisurely meal and spend quality time together.

Accessibility and Fees

Greenbrier State Park is open daily from 8 a.m. to sunset, making it accessible to families with varying schedules. The park charges a daily use fee, which varies depending on the season and residency status. During the peak summer months, Maryland residents pay $3 per person on weekdays and $5 per person on weekends, while out-of-state visitors pay $5 per person on weekdays and $7 per person on weekends. After Labor Day, the fee drops to $3 per car every day, except for weekends in May and September, which are $3 per person for Maryland residents.

Amenities and Facilities

Greenbrier State Park offers a range of amenities and facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for families with kids. These include:

  • Bathrooms and showers
  • First aid station
  • Concession stand
  • Picnic area with tables and grills

Nearby Attractions

While Greenbrier State Park is a destination in itself, families may also want to explore the surrounding area for additional activities and attractions. Some nearby options include:

  • Antietam National Battlefield: Explore the site of a pivotal Civil War battle and learn about the region’s history.
  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park: Discover the rich history and natural beauty of this picturesque town.
  • Catoctin Mountain Park: Hike through the scenic Catoctin Mountains and visit the presidential retreat of Camp David.


Greenbrier State Park is a true gem for families with kids, offering a diverse range of outdoor activities, amenities, and natural wonders. Whether you’re looking to splash in the refreshing lake, explore the hiking trails, or simply enjoy a peaceful picnic, this state park in Maryland provides a perfect escape for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

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