Exploring the Accessibility of West Midlands Safari Park

West Midlands Safari Park offers a variety of accessible features for guests with disabilities, ensuring a safe, entertaining, and memorable day out for all. From dedicated parking spaces to wheelchair-friendly lodges, the park caters to the needs of visitors with diverse accessibility requirements.

Accessible Parking and Entrance

The park boasts 47 wide disabled parking bays, with additional parking available on tarmac and compressed stone on busy days. These designated spaces are located adjacent to the entrance, making it easy for guests with mobility challenges to access the park.

Upon arrival, visitors can take advantage of the free on-site parking, and those with a valid Blue Badge can display it to secure priority parking. For guests without a Blue Badge, special arrangements can be made by advising a member of staff at the entrance.

Wheelchair-Friendly Facilities

west midlands safari park accessibility

Navigating the park is made easy with tarmac or hard surface walkways that provide wheelchair access to all enclosures. The park also offers a limited number of manual wheelchairs for hire at the Information Point, which must be pre-booked to ensure availability.

For those seeking overnight accommodations, West Midlands Safari Park offers specifically-designed wheelchair-friendly lodges, including the Accessible Elephant Lodge, Accessible Lion Lodge, and Accessible Hippo Lodges. These lodges feature additional design enhancements to cater to the needs of guests with accessibility requirements.

Admission and Companion Tickets

The park offers free admission for guests who are blind or visually impaired, and guests with disabilities can bring a companion for free with the purchase of a full-priced ticket. Visitors can apply for an Essential Companion Ticket through Nimbus Disability, which is valid for 3 years.

Accessible Amenities

In addition to the accessible parking and walkways, West Midlands Safari Park also provides a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience for all visitors.

Accessible Toilets

The park offers accessible toilets, including an Adult Changing Place with an adjustable changing table, WC, fixed washbasin, and powered hoist with a Standard 2 point spreader bar in the main car park toilet block.

Guide and Hearing Dogs

Guide and hearing dogs are welcome in the pedestrianized areas of the park, but they are not allowed in the Safari Drive-through for safety reasons. On some occasions, it may be possible to leave assistance dogs at Reception for the duration of the tour of the Safari. If not, kennels are available a short distance from Reception.


West Midlands Safari Park’s commitment to accessibility ensures that visitors with diverse needs can enjoy a safe, inclusive, and memorable experience. From dedicated parking spaces and wheelchair-friendly facilities to free admission for the visually impaired and Essential Companion Tickets, the park goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of all its guests.

Whether you’re planning a day trip or a weekend getaway, West Midlands Safari Park is an excellent choice for State Park Touring Enthusiasts seeking an accessible and enjoyable outdoor adventure.


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