The Fascinating World of West Midlands Safari Park Monkeys

West Midlands Safari Park is now home to the world’s smallest monkeys, the pygmy marmosets. These tiny creatures, only three of which came with names, are a popular addition to the park. However, it seems that there has been some confusion regarding the presence of monkeys at the park, as one reviewer mentioned that there were no monkeys, while another reviewer mentioned the presence of pygmy marmosets.

Introducing the Pygmy Marmosets

The pygmy marmosets, also known as the “pocket monkeys,” are the smallest primates in the world. These tiny creatures weigh only about 100 grams, which is roughly the same as a tennis ball. They are native to the Amazon rainforest in South America and are known for their adorable appearance and playful behavior.

At West Midlands Safari Park, visitors can get up close and personal with these miniature monkeys. The park’s Marmoset Mischief exhibit allows visitors to observe the pygmy marmosets as they go about their daily activities, such as foraging for food, grooming each other, and playing.

Monkey Mayhem Ride

west midlands safari park monkeys

For those interested in a thrilling ride, Monkey Mayhem is a must-try. This ride features mischievous primates that are sure to give riders a spin. To ride, visitors will need either a wristband or 2 ride tickets. The height requirements for this ride are a minimum of 1.4m tall, or 1.2m if accompanied by an adult. It’s important to note that this ride has a maximum weight capacity, and riders may be asked to separate or sit in certain places to balance the carriages correctly.

Ride Ticket Prices

  • Wristband for unlimited rides: £9.50 for those over 1.5m tall, £6.50 for those under 1.5m tall
  • 2 ride tickets: £5.50 each

Park Hours and Admission

The West Midlands Safari Park is open from 10am to 5pm, with last entry at 3pm. Visitors can enjoy the park’s many attractions, including the pygmy marmosets and the Monkey Mayhem ride, throughout the day.

Park Admission Prices

  • Adult (16+ years): £25.00
  • Child (3-15 years): £20.00
  • Senior (65+ years): £22.00
  • Infant (under 3 years): Free

Unique Features of West Midlands Safari Park Monkeys

The pygmy marmosets at West Midlands Safari Park are not only the smallest monkeys in the world, but they also have some unique characteristics that set them apart from other primate species:

  1. Size: As mentioned earlier, these tiny creatures weigh only about 100 grams, making them the smallest primates in the world.
  2. Diet: Pygmy marmosets are primarily insectivores, feeding on insects, spiders, and small vertebrates. They also supplement their diet with tree sap and fruit.
  3. Habitat: In the wild, pygmy marmosets are found in the Amazon rainforest, where they live in small family groups and use their sharp claws to climb and move through the trees.
  4. Behavior: Pygmy marmosets are known for their playful and social behavior. They often engage in grooming, play, and vocalizations with their family members.
  5. Conservation Status: The pygmy marmoset is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, but their populations are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation due to deforestation.

Visitor Experiences and Feedback

Visitors to West Midlands Safari Park have had mixed experiences when it comes to the park’s monkeys. While some have reported seeing the pygmy marmosets and enjoying the Monkey Mayhem ride, others have mentioned that they did not see any monkeys during their visit.

Here are some examples of visitor feedback:

“We were really excited to see the pygmy marmosets, but unfortunately, we didn’t spot them during our visit. The Monkey Mayhem ride was a lot of fun, though!”

“The pygmy marmosets were the highlight of our trip! We spent so much time watching them play and interact with each other. It was an amazing experience.”

“I was a bit disappointed that there were no monkeys at the park. The other animals were great, but I was really looking forward to seeing the pygmy marmosets.”

It’s important to note that the presence and visibility of the pygmy marmosets may vary depending on factors such as weather, time of day, and the monkeys’ own behavior and preferences.


West Midlands Safari Park is home to the world’s smallest monkeys, the pygmy marmosets, as well as the thrilling Monkey Mayhem ride. Visitors can enjoy unlimited rides with a wristband or purchase 2 ride tickets for specific rides. The park is open from 10am to 5pm, with last entry at 3pm, and offers a variety of admission options for different age groups.

While the presence of the pygmy marmosets has been a source of confusion for some visitors, those who have been able to see them have reported an amazing and unique experience. The park’s efforts to showcase these tiny primates and provide engaging experiences for visitors are commendable.

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