Exploring the Wonders of West Midlands Safari Park’s Polar Bears

The Polar Bears of Peak Wildlife Park

While West Midlands Safari Park does not have polar bears, the nearby Peak Wildlife Park in Staffordshire has recently welcomed three of these magnificent creatures. The park is excited to showcase this important conservation effort, as the addition of a mother polar bear and her two cubs marks a significant milestone.

Introducing the Polar Bear Family

west midlands safari park polar bear

The polar bear family consists of a mother named Hope, who was born in Antibes, France, in 2014, and her two cubs, Nanook and Noori, born in 2021. The cubs, twins, have distinct personalities, with Noori developing a strong bond with his mother and Nanook assuming the role of the bossy brother.

The Polar Bear Habitat

The polar bears have been provided with a spacious, naturally designed habitat within the five-acre site at Peak Wildlife Park. This habitat features expansive pools and rugged terrain, allowing the bears to exhibit a wide range of their natural behaviors. The park’s team has worked closely with experts in polar bear care and behavior to ensure the exhibit adheres to the highest welfare standards.

Visiting the Polar Bears

Visitors to Peak Wildlife Park will have the opportunity to meet the polar bear family starting in August. The park is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and admission prices are as follows:

Ticket Type Price
Adult (16-64 years) £19.95
Child (3-15 years) £14.95
Senior (65+ years) £17.95
Family (2 adults + 2 children) £63.80
Family (1 adult + 3 children) £52.35

The Relocation Process

The relocation of the polar bears to Peak Wildlife Park was a collaborative initiative between the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s European Ex-situ Programme for polar bears and the two parks involved. This process involved careful planning and coordination to ensure the bears’ safe and stress-free transition to their new home.

The Importance of Polar Bear Conservation

Polar bears are an iconic species that face significant threats due to climate change and habitat loss. The addition of this polar bear family to Peak Wildlife Park is an important step in raising awareness and supporting conservation efforts. By providing visitors with the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures up close, the park hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation for the plight of polar bears and the need to protect their natural habitats.


While West Midlands Safari Park does not have polar bears, the nearby Peak Wildlife Park has recently welcomed a family of these impressive animals. Visitors to the park can now experience the wonder of these creatures and learn about the importance of polar bear conservation. With a spacious and naturalistic habitat, the polar bears at Peak Wildlife Park are sure to captivate and inspire all who come to see them.


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