West Midlands Safari Park School Trip: An Exciting and Educational Adventure

West Midlands Safari Park offers an exceptional educational experience for school trips, with a diverse range of options to choose from. As a state park touring enthusiast, I’m excited to share the details of this remarkable destination and how it can benefit your students.

Discover the Wonders of the West Midlands Safari Park

The West Midlands Safari Park is home to over 140 different species, including majestic lions, graceful giraffes, and mighty rhinos. The park’s 4-mile self-drive safari allows students to embark on an immersive journey, where they can observe these incredible animals in their natural habitats.

Curriculum-Linked Discovery Sessions

west midlands safari park school trip

For a more structured learning experience, the park offers 45-minute Discovery Sessions that are curriculum-linked. These sessions cover a variety of topics, such as habitats, animal behavior and adaptations, evolution, careers, and plants. Students can choose from a range of engaging sessions that align with their educational needs.

Creature Feature and Guided Walks

For younger students or those with special educational needs, the park offers a Creature Feature, where students can meet some of the smaller, friendlier animals and learn about their favorite food and natural habitats. Additionally, the park provides guided walks around the African Village, Discovery Trail, Ice Age, or Land of the Living Dinosaurs, adding an educational twist to the exploration.

The Safari Academy: A Dedicated Learning Environment

The park’s Safari Academy, purpose-built in 2017, is a state-of-the-art education center dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all. Located near the Safari Drive-through and Hippo Lakes, this unique facility allows students to immerse themselves in a truly engaging learning environment.

Discounted Admission and Flexible Booking

West Midlands Safari Park offers discounted admission prices for school groups, with up to 50% off for educational groups bringing 10 or more paying guests. There is no need for prepayment, deposits, or booking forms, and free coach parking and coach driver admission and meal vouchers are included.

Teacher Open Days and Home Educator Days

Teachers can attend Teacher Open Days, where they can explore the Safari Park at their leisure, stop by a Drop-in Session to find out more about what the park offers, and plan their day. Teachers can come for free and purchase up to four additional tickets at a discounted rate to bring family members.

For home educated families, the park offers Home Educator Days, where they can attend at the same rates that are normally applicable to only groups of 10 or more. They can plan a self-guided day or attend one of the free 20-minute education sessions at 1pm and 2pm.

Admission Prices and Opening Hours

The park’s general opening times are 10:00am – 5:30pm, with extended opening hours during Park events. The admission prices for students are £10.50 per child and £11.50 per adult, and £13.20 per child and £14.20 per adult with a theme park wristband.

In conclusion, the West Midlands Safari Park offers an exceptional educational experience for school trips, with a diverse range of options to choose from. From the immersive self-drive safari to the curriculum-linked Discovery Sessions and the dedicated Safari Academy, this park provides a unique and engaging learning environment for students of all ages and educational needs. Whether you’re planning a field trip or a home educator day, the West Midlands Safari Park is a must-visit destination for state park touring enthusiasts.


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