West Midlands Safari Park Teacher Discount

West Midlands Safari Park does not offer a specific teacher discount for the park touring enthusiast. However, there are various discounts and deals available for the general public that can be utilized to save on the admission price.

Group Booking Discount

The search results indicate that West Midland Safari Park offers a 25% off group bookings for groups of 15 or more people. This discount can be beneficial for a group of teachers planning a visit to the park.

Voucher Codes and Discounts

west midlands safari park teacher discount

Additionally, the park offers various voucher codes and discounts throughout the year, which can be found on their official website or through third-party discount code websites. These discounts can help teachers save on the admission price.

Annual Passes

Furthermore, the park offers annual passes, which provide unlimited trips around the safari on the day of the visit and exclusive discounts in shops and restaurants. This can be a cost-effective option for frequent visitors or teachers who plan to visit the park multiple times throughout the year.

Other Discounts for Teachers

While West Midlands Safari Park does not offer a specific teacher discount, there are other discounts available for teachers in the UK. Some of these include:

  1. Discounts for Teachers at Attractions: Many attractions, such as museums, zoos, and theme parks, offer discounted admission prices for teachers. Teachers can check with the specific attraction to see if they offer any discounts.

  2. Teacher Discount Cards: Organizations like the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the National Education Union (NEU) offer discount cards for their members, which can be used to access discounts at various retailers and attractions.

  3. Online Discount Websites: Websites like Discounts for Teachers and Safari Academy offer a variety of discounts and deals for teachers, including discounts on days out and entertainment.

  4. Local Authority Discounts: Some local authorities in the UK offer discounts or subsidies for teachers to access various leisure and cultural activities within their area.


In summary, while there is no specific teacher discount for West Midlands Safari Park, there are various discounts and deals available that can be utilized to save on the admission price. Teachers can take advantage of group bookings discounts, voucher codes, and annual passes to enjoy the park at a lower cost. Additionally, teachers can explore other discounts and deals available for them in the UK to make the most of their visits to attractions and days out.

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