Unlock the Wonders of Yosemite National Park Day Pass in 5 Easy Steps

A Yosemite National Park Day Pass is a requirement for entry into the park on select days during the peak visitation season. This pass ensures that visitors can enjoy the stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks of Yosemite without overcrowding or disrupting the delicate ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a breathtaking day in the great outdoors, understanding the Yosemite National Park Day Pass is crucial for a seamless and memorable experience.

What is a Yosemite National Park Day Pass?

A Yosemite National Park Day Pass is a timed entry reservation that allows visitors to access the park on specific days during the peak season. This pass is required in addition to the regular park entrance fee and is designed to manage the influx of visitors and protect the park’s natural resources.

The Yosemite National Park Day Pass is valid for up to three consecutive days, starting from the first day of the reservation. The cost of the Day Pass is $2, which is non-refundable and collected separately from the park entrance fee.

When is a Yosemite National Park Day Pass Required?

Yosemite National Park Day Pass

The Yosemite National Park Day Pass is required for entry on the following days in 2024:

Time Period Day Pass Requirement
April 13 – June 30 Weekends only, including holidays
July 1 – August 16 Daily
August 17 – October 27 Weekends only, including Monday holidays

It’s important to note that the Day Pass requirement is subject to change, so it’s always best to check the official Yosemite National Park website for the most up-to-date information.

How to Obtain a Yosemite National Park Day Pass

Visitors can obtain a Yosemite National Park Day Pass through the Recreation.gov website. The reservation process is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the Recreation.gov website and search for “Yosemite National Park Day Pass.”
  2. Select the desired date(s) and the number of vehicles or motorcycles in your party.
  3. Complete the reservation process by providing the required information and making the $2 payment.
  4. Receive your Day Pass confirmation, which you’ll need to present at the park entrance.

It’s important to note that the Day Pass is non-refundable and must be obtained in advance, as same-day reservations are not available.

Yosemite National Park Entrance Fees

In addition to the Yosemite National Park Day Pass, visitors are required to pay the standard park entrance fee. The current entrance fees are as follows:

  • Private Vehicle: $35 per vehicle (valid for 7 days)
  • Motorcycle: $30 per motorcycle (valid for 7 days)
  • Individual (on foot, bicycle, or public transportation): $20 per person (valid for 7 days)

Visitors who hold an Interagency Annual or Lifetime pass can use their pass for validation and will not need to pay the additional entrance fee.

Tips for a Successful Yosemite National Park Day Visit

To make the most of your Yosemite National Park Day Pass, consider the following tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Review the park’s website and familiarize yourself with the available trails, attractions, and services to make the most of your time.
  2. Arrive Early: Arrive at the park entrance early, as the lines can be long, especially during peak hours.
  3. Bring Essentials: Pack plenty of water, snacks, sun protection, and appropriate clothing for the weather and terrain.
  4. Dispose of Waste Properly: Ensure that all food and garbage are properly stored and disposed of to protect the park’s wildlife.
  5. Stay on Designated Trails: Respect the park’s natural environment by staying on marked trails and avoiding sensitive areas.
  6. Check Road Conditions: Before your visit, check the park’s website or call the information line for the latest updates on road conditions and any potential closures.

By following these tips and understanding the Yosemite National Park Day Pass requirements, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience in this stunning natural wonder.


The Yosemite National Park Day Pass is a crucial component of visiting this iconic destination during the peak season. By understanding the pass requirements, reservation process, and entrance fees, you can plan your visit with confidence and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and rich natural heritage of Yosemite National Park.

Remember, the Day Pass is designed to protect the park’s delicate ecosystem and enhance the visitor experience, so embrace the opportunity to explore Yosemite’s wonders while respecting its fragile beauty.


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