Greenbrier State Park Bathrooms: 5 Stunning Upgrades You’ll Love

Greenbrier State Park in Maryland offers a variety of amenities for visitors, including several well-maintained bathroom facilities located throughout the park. Whether you’re exploring the hiking trails, enjoying a picnic, or camping overnight, you’ll find convenient access to clean and accessible restrooms to meet your needs.

Locations of Greenbrier State Park Bathrooms

The bathroom facilities at Greenbrier State Park are strategically placed to serve the different areas of the park. You can find them in the following locations:

  1. Day-use Area: Restrooms are available near the picnic areas, beach, and other day-use facilities.
  2. Camping Loops: Campers can access bathroom facilities, including showers, within the campground.
  3. Trailheads: Restrooms are located at the starting points of several hiking trails, making it easy to take a break during your outdoor adventures.

The park’s trail map clearly indicates the locations of these bathroom facilities, ensuring that you can easily find them while exploring the park.

Amenities and Accessibility

Greenbrier State Park Bathrooms

The bathroom facilities at Greenbrier State Park are well-maintained and offer a range of amenities to meet the needs of visitors. These include:

  • Flush Toilets: All restrooms are equipped with modern flush toilets, providing a comfortable and hygienic experience.
  • Running Water: The bathrooms have running water for hand-washing and other purposes.
  • Showers: Some of the bathroom facilities, particularly in the campground, offer hot showers for campers.
  • Accessibility: Greenbrier State Park has accessible bathroom facilities, including those located in the visitors’ center, picnic areas, and select campsites. These are designed to accommodate visitors with disabilities.
  • Beach Wheelchair: A specialized beach wheelchair is available for use, allowing visitors with mobility challenges to access the park’s beach area.

Fees and Policies

The cost of using the bathroom facilities at Greenbrier State Park is included in the park’s entrance fee. The fee varies depending on the time of year and the visitor’s residency status:

Time of Year Maryland Residents Out-of-State Residents
Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day (Weekends and Holidays) $5 per person $7 per person
Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day (Weekdays) $3 per person $5 per person
May and September Weekends $3 per person $5 per person
Day after Labor Day – Friday before Memorial Day $3 per vehicle $5 per vehicle

It’s important to note that Greenbrier State Park often reaches capacity on summer weekends and holidays, and additional visitors may be turned away if the park is full.

Camping and Picnicking

For visitors planning to camp or picnic at Greenbrier State Park, the bathroom facilities play a crucial role in their experience. The campground map indicates the locations of the bathroom facilities with hot showers, ensuring that campers can easily access these amenities during their stay.

Similarly, the picnic areas are strategically located near the restrooms, making it convenient for visitors to take breaks and use the facilities while enjoying their outdoor meals.

Exploring the Park’s Trails

Greenbrier State Park is known for its extensive network of hiking trails, and the bathroom facilities are conveniently located to support visitors during their outdoor adventures. The trail map clearly marks the locations of the restrooms, allowing you to plan your hikes and take breaks as needed.

Whether you’re tackling a challenging trail or enjoying a leisurely stroll, the availability of clean and accessible bathrooms throughout the park can enhance your overall experience and make your visit more comfortable.


Greenbrier State Park’s bathroom facilities are an essential part of the park’s infrastructure, providing visitors with a comfortable and convenient experience. From the well-maintained restrooms in the day-use areas to the accessible facilities for visitors with disabilities, Greenbrier State Park ensures that all guests can enjoy the park’s natural beauty and amenities without any unnecessary inconveniences.

As a state park touring enthusiast, you can rest assured that Greenbrier State Park’s bathroom facilities will meet your needs and enhance your overall experience in this beautiful natural setting.

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