Greenbrier State Park Capacity: Discover the Stunning 5 Highlights

Greenbrier State Park, nestled in the heart of Maryland’s picturesque countryside, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape. With its stunning 42-acre man-made lake, white sandy beach, and a wealth of recreational activities, the park attracts visitors from near and far. But what is the true capacity of this natural wonder? Let’s dive in and explore the details.

Greenbrier State Park Capacity: Up to 32 People for Gazebo Rentals

One of the key features of Greenbrier State Park is its gazebo rentals, which can accommodate up to 32 people. Each gazebo rental comes with a full-day reservation, costing $106.25 plus the day-use entry fee. This makes the gazebos an ideal choice for group gatherings, family picnics, or special events.

Accommodating Visitors: The Park’s Expansive Lake and Beach

Greenbrier State Park Capacity

Beyond the gazebo rentals, Greenbrier State Park’s 42-acre man-made freshwater lake and white sandy beach can welcome a large number of visitors. These natural features provide ample space for a variety of activities, including swimming, canoeing, boating, and fishing. The park’s swimming area, with a depth of six feet, offers a refreshing respite from the summer heat.

Camping and Picnicking: Expanding the Park’s Capacity

In addition to the lake and beach, Greenbrier State Park also offers camping facilities and picnic areas. Between 1964 and 1978, the park received over $2 million in funding for land acquisition and the development of these amenities, further expanding its capacity to accommodate visitors.

Trails and Nature Exploration: Discovering Greenbrier’s Diverse Offerings

Greenbrier State Park boasts an impressive network of ten maintained trails, ranging from easy to strenuous, with lengths varying from 0.4 miles to 4.5 miles. These trails are open to hikers and, in most cases, mountain bikers, providing visitors with ample opportunities to explore the park’s natural beauty.

Visitor Center and Nature Center: Enhancing the Greenbrier Experience

To enhance the visitor experience, Greenbrier State Park features a year-round visitor center and a seasonal nature center. These facilities offer valuable information and resources, ensuring that guests can make the most of their time at the park.

Accessibility and Location: Reaching Greenbrier State Park

Greenbrier State Park is located in Boonsboro, Maryland, and can be reached by calling the local phone number, 301-791-4767. While the park’s hours of operation are not specified in the provided sources, it is recommended to check the official website or contact the park directly for the most up-to-date information.


Greenbrier State Park is a true gem in Maryland’s outdoor landscape, offering a diverse range of recreational opportunities and natural wonders. With its capacity of up to 32 people for gazebo rentals, expansive lake and beach, camping and picnicking facilities, and extensive trail network, the park is well-equipped to accommodate visitors seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating experience in nature. Whether you’re planning a group gathering, a family outing, or a solo adventure, Greenbrier State Park is a must-visit destination that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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